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Our Story

The Little Leopard Co. was born from our passion to search high and low for the best gifts for our loved ones. We have always believed that time should be invested to present somebody with a gift that is unique and personal to them. The high street never seemed to fulfil what we were looking for and we created The Little Leopard Co. to share our special findings with you all. 

Thoughtfully curated gift boxes to bring a smile to that special someone in your life. We wanted to offer our customers something different from existing gift box companies. 

It was crucial that The Little Leopard Co. was supporting other small businesses and like minded people, therefore, all items included in our gift boxes have been carefully selected from other small businesses in the UK. 

Each box is presented in a bespoke made, keepsake box, which we encourage the end user to reuse within their homes. It was imperative that The Little Leopard Co. could help the world be that bit more sustainable and therefore all of our packaging is recyclable and sourced from the UK. 

Our love of the leopard is shared with you all throughout our gift boxes, with each box containing at least one item dedicated to the breed. The strength and ambition of the breed resonates with the values of our team here at The Little Leopard Co. and we wanted this to be at the forefront of our offering. 

The Little Leopard Co. aims to raise awareness of the vulnerability of leopards, through charity donations, our monthly “Pawse For Thought” and much more to come. 

Thank you for stopping by and supporting The Little Leopard Co. Happy Shopping x